Fair Game

Fair Gaming

Fairness, trust and transparency breeds success
Casino Superlines casino is fully committed to providing a completely fair standard of gaming. This is the single most important thing that we do for our players and here’s how we do it.
Our software is meticulously maintained and tested to strict criteria. This process is always kept up to date following the highest industry standards. The ‘dealer’ at xcasino is operated by a powerful computer which incorporates a sophisticated ‘Random Number Generator’ or RNG.

What exactly is an RNG

The Random Number Generator is the single most important aspect of any online casino because without it, fairness couldn’t be guaranteed. The RNG is a piece of very powerful software which required an extremely powerful computer to run it. The software generates a random sequence of numbers which is then used to decide the outcome of dice games, roulette spins, card types and all other outcomes which require chance. It takes a lot of development to create an RNG that can truly be announced as random. Our system among the most unpredictable RNG’s online. We guarantee this fact due to the extensive audits our system has undergone. By running millions of games and correlating the results, our internationally recognised auditors are satisfied that our RNG is a very high quality system which promotes the true values of fair play.


We are truly proud of our winners and get excited to hear your feedback when you do win. We announce our winner through various methods during the month. This is an integral part of what we do so please get in touch if you would like to tell us about your win.

E-mail Correspondence

Members at xcasino regularly receive emails from our customer support team detailing new releases, events, important personal information and promotions. Most internet service providers now operate powerful anti spam filters in order to help keep inboxes clear from spam.
Sometimes these filters block your legitimate mail from us. This could prevent you from receiving important information about your account or exclusive promotions designed with you in mind. To make sure that you never miss out, make sure that our email address is safely stored in your contact list!

We look forward to seeing you at the casino! Good Luck!